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Christmas Logs Soon we’ll but putting up the range of Christmas logs available to order. We have the new Pear and caramel log to add to this year’s collection. An…... Read More

It’s just insanely delicious! The latest addition to the Kemp Town shop. Soon we’re aiming to get this one to the rest of Brighton, so come in and let us…... Read More

It was a hard decision but… On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we asked you to suggest snazzy macaron flavours. Our pastry chefs worked their way through your many wonderful…... Read More

2017 Great Taste Awards go to… We’ve just got results from the awards. Delighted to say that we got a Great Taste Award for the croissant, the quiche Lorraine and…... Read More

Real Patisserie Church Rd, now open for business! If you live in Hove please do come and visit. This town is filling up with bakeries but variety is abound and…... Read More

Awarded best Independent Bakery Sandwich Shop in the UK At some point over the last month a mystery shopper came, judged, and left. They must have left happy because we…... Read More

summer mousse slice

How better to celebrate the Summer season than with our deliciously layered fruit mousse slices? We whip up a light and airy ground almond chiffon base and top it with layers…... Read More

In preparation for this year’s Great Taste Awards we spent a lot of time poring over which products to enter. Suddenly there seemed to be a vast selection. In the…... Read More

Moist almond cream baked in a crisp puff pastry tart, now in all our shops.... Read More