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The galette is pure in form – simply made from puff pastry and almond-cream. It’s light and delicious. Inside is hidden a charm, the finder get’s crowned king for the…... Read More

Our favourite cakes rolled into Christmas logs can be ordered direct from our four shops.... Read More

Treats on offer There will be christmas chocolate and mousse logs, festive biscuits and of course our infamous flying saucer shaped sweet paste mince pies and puff pastry pies. And…... Read More

It’s just insanely delicious! The latest addition to the Kemp Town shop. Soon we’re aiming to get this one to the rest of Brighton, so come in and let us…... Read More

summer mousse slice

How better to celebrate the Summer season than with our deliciously layered fruit mousse slices? We whip up a light and airy ground almond chiffon base and top it with layers…... Read More

Moist almond cream baked in a crisp puff pastry tart, now in all our shops.... Read More

Vegan hazelnut tart

Dairy features pretty high in traditional patisserie. That’s not to say we don’t have any dairy free on offer, so it wouldn’t be the first vegan item we’ve made. However,…... Read More

This Autumn has seen the arrival of the new blueberry brûlée, which we thought is a beautifully easy way for customers to lay on a really nice dessert at home. The crumbles…... Read More