Real Patisserie Fruit Tarts

Real Patisserie fruit tarts are baked daily for the shop counter. Fine, crisp sweet pastry and light, melt on the tongue puff pastry provide the base for a selection of authentic French tarts filled with succulent baked and fresh fruits.

Party Food – see our range of petits fours – mini tarts, perfect for parties.

Tarts, petits fours and cakes can be cascaded to great effect on the display shown in this slide show, available to borrow from the shops.

Order what you like and build your display on site. It’s fun and very easy to put together.

Baked Tarts

Apple; Pear; Apricot; Mirabelle (small plum)
Diameter Portions Price
16cm 4 5.75
20cm 6 8.75
24cm 8-10 12.25
28cm 12 16.50
32cm 16 20.75

Pecan; Lemon Meringue; Chocolate

Diameter Portions Price
16cm 4 6.10
20cm 6 9.25
24cm 8-10 12.90
28cm 12 17.35
cm32 16 21.75

Strawberry; Raspberry

Diameter Portions Price
16cm 4 7.50
20cm 6 11.50
24cm 8-10 16.00
28cm 12 21.50
32cm 16 27.00