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This month we celebrate Sourdough September in all of our shops. Back by popular demand and in partnership with Carr’s Flour are the ‘Makes One Loaf’ bags – everything you…... Read More

You may have noticed these delicious Pavlovas in our shops recently, they are a perfect way to showcase perfectly ripe strawberries. The dessert is believed to have been created in…... Read More

This month we’re sharing with you one of our favourite vegetarian sausage roll recipe’s that are extremely popular in all of our shops and make a great alternative to meat.…... Read More

This month we have been speaking to Julien who is the pastry manager in the wholesale bakery. Read more to see what inspires him to bake. What time did you…... Read More

Over the next couple of months we’re going to be introducing you to the bakers that lovingly bake your bread. We are starting with Wojciech from the Kemptown bakery.  What…... Read More

Welcome to the world of Sourdough! We are giving you 140g of our sourdough to promote your interest in and appreciation of bread! This is enough for you to make…... Read More

How to fill in the leaflet and email to us...... Read More

It was a hard decision but… On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we asked you to suggest snazzy macaron flavours. Our pastry chefs worked their way through your many wonderful…... Read More

2017 Great Taste Awards go to… We’ve just got results from the awards. Delighted to say that we got a Great Taste Award for the croissant, the quiche Lorraine and…... Read More

Real Patisserie Church Rd, now open for business! If you live in Hove please do come and visit. This town is filling up with bakeries but variety is abound and…... Read More