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All our cakes are delicate and made with fresh cream and should be kept refrigerated. Care must be taken during transport.

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Galette des rois


Available to order from the 4th of January

Will you be King or Queen for a day? Find the lucky charm and everyone else must obey your every whim!


The traditional galette des rois boasts of a creamy almond filling encased in flaky, golden puff pastry. It will be available from the 3rd of January until the 31st of January in all shops and on Clickitlocal

We also make a vegan one!

Don't miss it!


non-vegan:Cereals containing gluten: wheat, eggs, milk, nuts:almond

vegan: Cereals containing gluten: wheat, nuts: almond. 

Galette des rois:

Diameter - Portions - Price

16cm  -  3 to 4  -  £8.85

22cm  -  5 to 6  -  £12.65

30cm -  10 to 12  - £24.35

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