Food for parties and events!

A great range of savoury and sweet minis, quiches, cakes and sandwich platters. Food with colour and zest, loved by adults and children!

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Cakes, Tarts and Patisserie Minis

We will try to prepare your order as quickly as possible, but it is safest to allow 3 days, especially for large orders.

Pièce Montée / Croque en bouche

A croque-en-bouche is a classic French wedding or christening cake made from choux pastry, caramel and crème patissiere.

Mini tarts and petits fours

Mini tarts available: strawberry, raspberry, apricot, pear, apple, lemon, chocolate
Mini choux available: chocolate, coffee, vanilla, passion fruit, pistachio, lime and coconut, raspberry

Minimum order 10


Mini pastries

Mini pastries available: croissant and pain au chocolat

Minimum order 10


Mini bites

Mini bites available: almond, almond and pistachio and almond, pistachio and raspberry.

Minimum order 20


Tiered Cake Display

Various cake displays available.
Please contact your shop of choice for further details.

Minimum order 10


Savoury Minis…

Choose from the following savouries to make a delicious, colourful and stunning display!

Mini Brioche Buns

Grilled artichoke, mozzarella and rocket ( vegetarian)
Grilled artichoke and salami.

Minimum order 10


Mini Quiches

Mini quiches available:
Red onion, goat's cheese & roasted vegetables (vegetarian)
Salmon & broccoli

Minimum order 10


Bouchée a La Reine

Salmon and lemon mousse
Mushroom pate (vegetarian)
Leek, pea and mint mousse (vegan)

Minimum order 20


Mini Pain Couronne

Serrano ham, pesto and Gruyere
Pinenuts and vegetarian Gruyere (vegetarian)

Minimum order 20


Cheese Gougere

Picture available soon

Minimum order 20


Mini Croque

Ham & Emmental
Smoked salmon and spinach

Minimum order 10


Mini sausage roll

Pork sausage roll
Pork & apple sausage roll
Vegan sausage roll
Vegan spicy lentil roll

Minimum order 10


Large Quiches and Pies (Serves 8/10 or 12)

Quiche Lorraine (ham and cheese)


Spinach, leek, pine nut and feta


Salmon and broccoli


Mushroom and gruyere


Chorizo, tomato and basil


Beetroot, Goat's Cheese, Hazelnut, Confit Garlic


Large Frittata (serves 8/10)

Chorizo Frittata


Vegetarian Frittata


Sandwich Platters (5 sandwiches quartered)

Available in wholemeal or white

Choice from Meat & Fish: £18.50

Ham & Comte
Pastrami, gherkins and Dijon mustard
Chicken mayonnaise
Tuna & red onion
Streaky bacon & Brie

Vegetarian: £17.50

Goat's cheese and roasted pepper
Brie, spinach and cranberry sauce
Hummus, spiced carrot and avocado
Mature cheddar and chutney
Egg mayo, pea shoots

Vegan: £17.50

White bean hummus and pickled beetroot
Roasted peppers, pepper sauce & rocket
Hummus, carrot and avocado
Hummus, piquillo & rocket