Macaron competition

It was a hard decision but…

On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we asked you to suggest snazzy macaron flavours. Our pastry chefs worked their way through your many wonderful ideas. Not an easy task!

So now take a stroll to our Kemptown shop to see who won the competition. We selected nostalgic, autumnal peanut butter & jam, and the more grown up rum tiramisu!

All our macarons start their journey as a firm French meringue. It is then carefully folded through ground almonds and icing sugar.

What we love about the peanut butter and jam macaron is how simple it is. A sprinkle of dry roasted peanuts for extra crunch to the shell. Then we fill the shell with a generous helping of our favourite (palm oil free) peanut butter, and raspberry jam.

The tiramisu macaron is made up of white and dark chocolate shells. We give a dusting of cocoa powder before baking – just like you would a finished tiramisu dessert. The filling is made with coffee, cream cheese, and spiced rum.

“Tiramisu” literally means “pick me up”, and this rich espresso kissed macaron does just that!

Well done to both competition winners!

Posted on September 26, 2017 in News