Meet the Bakers part 1

Over the next couple of months we’re going to be introducing you to the bakers that lovingly bake your bread. We are starting with Wojciech from the Kemptown bakery. 

What time did you get up this morning?


What time does your shift start?


Brighton born and bred?

Not, but feels like it! 😋

Where do you come from?
I come from Poland.

What do you usually have for breakfast?


How long have you been working for Real Patisserie?

6 years.

Which loaf do you enjoy baking most?


What’s the first food you remember enjoying as a child?

Warm bread with butter and a semi cooked egg.

How long have you been baking?

6 years.

What do you most like about the job?

The smell of fresh bread early in the morning and a stress free environment.

What does the smell of freshly baked bread remind you of?

My childhood and the country side.

What do you spread on your toast?

Always and only butter, plus sea salt.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Brighton and why do you like living here?

My favourite place to eat is Silo. I admire the restaurant’s team for their ambitions and creative thinking behind everything that they do. Brighton is a very relaxed place which allows you to express your full potential in whatever you do. It welcomes changes and new ideas, it is a very organic city.

What would you do for a living, if not this?

Food critic and researcher

Posted on April 18, 2018 in News