New Year’s Galette Des Rois

The galette is pure in form – simply made from puff pastry and almond-cream. It’s light and delicious. Inside is hidden a charm, the finder get’s crowned king for the day and is apparently fortuned with much New Year’s luck!

The tradition is linked back to the nativity, Galette des Rois meaning King’s Cake, and referring back to the Three Kings visiting Bethlehem. The charm inside signifies the gifts they brought, originally a bean buried inside the cake. This was later replaced by coins (and even pieces of gold!) but tradition changed within the last two hundred years to an enamelled figurine.

Lots of fun and making the most of simple and delicious ingredients!

It is traditional to celebrate with the galettes on the first Sunday of the New Year but we will be making for display and to order for the first two weeks of January.



Posted on January 2, 2018 in Seasonal