What we do.

Real Patisserie bakes artisan bread, authentic French patisserie and a range of freshly baked savouries.

We bake everything as fresh as possible. The patisserie, tarts, cakes and savouries baked in our shops are made in kitchens open to view because we want you to be able to see what we make and how we make it.

We also provide food for parties, lunches, weddings, and business functions.

We want everyone to enjoy what we do so please get in touch if you have any special requests, we love to help wherever it concerns food!


The first shop opened in Trafalgar Street, Brighton in 1997 by Alastair Gourlay. This was a small and intimate shop, truly authentic in its approach to baking and patisserie.

Just two years later, due to growing demand for Real Patisserie bread and pastries, a wholesale bakery was opened near London Road, Brighton.

In 2005, a second shop opened in Western Road, Hove. Here customers could see the bakers at work through a glass partition, something that has become elemental in all Real Patisserie shops.

In 2010, a third shop was opened in Kemp Town: this time a family partnership. Again the shop had its own character and flavour. For the first time in a Real Patisserie shop, bread, as well as savoury and patisserie, was being baked onsite in front of the customers.

And now there is now a forth and fifth patisserie, one in Church Road in Hove, and a small shop in the Open Market in London Road, in which the croissant and tarts are still baked fresh every day.

How the shops work

Each shop has its own essence and character and is largely self sufficient and independently creative. Ideas and recipes flow from one shop to another and when perfected, go into our Recipe Book. These recipes are the heart of Real Patisserie.

The Western Road shop drew in the first Real Patisserie partner, a Patissier from France, trained under Michelle Roux. It has since become a business of partners (as opposed to franchises).

Real Patisserie draws on the skills and passions of those working within the shops and the bakery. This helps greatly to strengthen the diversity and quality of both the food and our working environment. Each shop has its own strengths and helps to increase the standard by which the others are set.

The close relationship, the trust between the various shops and aspects of the business is a mark of the mutual respect and goodwill within the Real Patisserie Family.

It is a challenge to coordinate a complex food operation in this way. We are always learning, refining and adapting to strengthen Real Patisserie and those who work within it. We believe this is what keeps us ahead of our game and ultimately makes Real Patisserie what it is.


We consider the environment highly in our decision-making, priorities and practices.

The following are our chief considerations:


We monitor our ingredients and packaging to make sure they are responsibly sourced.

We prioritise quality and sustainability when sourcing ingredients, and when possible source from accredited producers to ensure adequate consideration of environmental impact.

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To ensure animal welfare we currently source much of our meat, fish and dairy from high welfare sources.

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All Real Patisserie premises annually offsets their entire Carbon footprint through the funding of offsetting schemes. Some premises also source energy supply through green energy tariffs.

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Where possible we pledge to buy locally or UK sourced produce not only to ensure quality and welfare, but also to cut down on CO2 emissions.


We have committed to reducing our food waste to near zero.

Real Patisserie selects packaging with great consideration to the environment and has reduced plastic in packaging to near zero.

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The Real Patisserie bakery supplies speciality artisan breads, tinned loaves, and pastries to shops and restaurants in the East Sussex area. We also supply cafes, hotels and sandwich bars, and are always happy to provide samples if you think you may like our products.

A full description of each bread can be found in the information sheet which you can download from this page. You can also download the full product list which includes all patisserie items.

For more information email us, or call 01273 573 773.

If you would like to open an account please download the Account Application Form and return to us by email.