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Our Values


Bread bakery wholesale Brighton Hove Worthing

We work with some of Brighton's best bakers who pour patience, skill and love into every loaf. 

Many of our team have been with us for over 15 years including our head baker Glenn with 20 years under his belt. 
"This is a unique bakery," says Glenn. "I'm proud to say we bake the best bread in Sussex. I've never wanted to work anywhere else." 

Each of our stores has its own DNA with its own community and customers, but the common thread running through all of them is the reassurance of exceptional bakes, great coffee and a welcoming smile. 


Bread bakery wholesale Brighton Hove Worthing

Like the best things in life, good bread takes time. We respect traditional techniques, staying true to the art of artisan baking, with many processes taking 24 hours to really develop the flavours and extend keeping time. It's not the quickest way of doing things, but we hand-on-heart believe it's the right way. In the unending pursuit of freshness, we bake our baguettes and pastries fresh in our stores every morning. 


Bread bakery wholesale Brighton Hove Worthing

We owe a duty of care to the planet, which is why our new bakery in Southwick is kitted out with some of the latest advances in green energy. A cutting edge evaporative cooling system cools our 200m pastry/patisserie production area, using less electricity than it takes to boil a kettle, while heat exchangers located in our oven flues provide us with almost all of our hot water. 

Visit our Sustainability page for more detail on our energy-efficient initiatives. 

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