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Sustainability & Real Patisserie

We consider the environment highly in our decision-making, priorities and practices.

GREEN Energy

minimising single use plastic

Zero waste


Bakery Patisserie Brighton Hove Worthing
Bakery Brighton Hove Worthing
Bakery Patisserie Brighton Hove Worthing

Since 2019, all our stores have been powered by 100% SSE Green Electricity. Our bakery in Southwick is kitted out with an advanced evaporative cooling system, which cools our 200m pastry/patisserie production area consuming less than 2kW an hour. Heat exchangers located in our flues provide us with almost all of our hot water. Next on our green roadmap is to install solar panels on our bakery roof. 

In all our shops, we slice bread to order and package in paper or reusable cotton bags. Coffee cups, cutlery and containers are compostable and 100% vegetable based. We no longer sell bottled water, instead offering cans or fresh filtered water and reusable bottles. 
Local customers love our bring-your-own-cup scheme, enjoying a discount when they bring in their own keep cups. 

Each of our stores donates excess fresh food to local charities and we've also partnered with Too Good To Go in a bid to minimise food waste. With 115,000 views on the Too Good To Go app, we make sure that nothing goes in the bin. Even flour dust swept from floors is recycled to produce energy and compost. 

Bakery Patisserie Brighton Hove Worthing

Passionate about reducing food miles, we're proud to work with some of the finest growers, distributors and producers in Sussex, including Adams, Wholesome Foods, Fish Galore, Roasted and The Cheese Man. 
We prioritise sustainability when sourcing ingredients, choosing accredited producers to ensure ethical sourcing and reduced environmental impact. 

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