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Sustainability & Real Patisserie

We consider the environment highly in our decision-making, priorities and practices.

Real Patisserie - sustainability happy eggs

Animal welfare

To ensure animal welfare we currently source:

  •  All eggs from local, high welfare sources

  • A large proportion of sausage meat and cured meats from local, certified high welfare sources


In 2014, Real Patisserie first committed to becoming carbon neutral and started to offset its carbon output through funding of cleaner energy projects.

Since 2019, we have been powered by 100% SSE Green Electricity.

Real Patisserie - sustainability - Brighton skyline

Local food supply

We monitor our ingredients and packaging to make sure they are responsibly sourced.

We prioritise quality and sustainability when sourcing ingredients, and when possible source from accredited producers to ensure adequate consideration of environmental impact.

Real Patisserie - sustainability wheat

Zero waste

To reduce waste, we currently:

  • Limit waste via production software and use of strict production schedules

  • Use the Fare Share cooperative, OLIO, TooGoodToGo, and other local schemes to pick up all left-over useable food products

  • Compost any waste that we cannot otherwise use

  • Re-use some of our left-over ingredients such as coffee ground, bread or pastries to create new recipes.

Recycle, re-use, refill

In response to environmental needs we recognise businesses must change their approach to consumer packaging. 

It is apparent that we as a society have become habitually dependent on single-use packaging. Also, that we do not currently have the infrastructure to effectively and ethically dispose of all this stuff we use!

New, more environmentally safe products are now available for more demanding packaging requirements. But even with the new ecological materials being developed, local councils and private companies can sometimes not effectively recycle or compost them because their facilities don't have the specialist means. 

Real Patisserie - sustainability - zero waste

So the two things that we have concluded:


This is mostly due to the chicken-and-egg nature of change: appliance of a solution vs.        infrastructure for that solution. We are making changes, some of which are immediately        effective, but some in view of the fact that the infrastructure to make best use of those        changes will come into place. We also believe it is important to demonstrate real                  commitment to change to raise awareness. 


Therefore, we are promoting re-use to our customers as the best approach. Because all disposable packaging - plastic or not - has an environmental impact of single-use, disposable packaging. 

  • We encourage the re-use of robust bags and containers

  • We now use untreated card as much as possible as this is a genuinely recyclable material

  • All boxes and card tubs are now 100% vegetable based

  • We are now part of the Tap app which allows anyone to see where you can get a free refill of water. We provide people with fresh filtered water. No more plastic bottles sold on our premises

  • We now sell reusable bottle, keep cups and tote bags. We offer a discount for customers who bring their own cups for coffees

  • We are selling refillable biscuit box

  • All clear film bags and film fronted boxes are now 100% vegetable based

  • All coffee cups, cutlery and container are 100% vegetable based

  • All plastic carrier and bread bags are now 100% degradable.

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